How Can I Watch Champions League Games On Mobile Phone?

Playing in the UEFA Champions League is every European clubs and player’s ultimate fantasy. This is where Europe’s elite clubs meet and the men are separated from the boys with every club determined to take home that prestigious title that is almost as equally value able as the world cup and the prize money associated with winning it epitomizes the value of the Champions League.

The Champions league always brings excitement and thrills to every football fan and missing a single minute of it can be quite devastating as anything can happen whether it’s a classic goal, beautiful football on display or even exciting match events such as red cards or fights. This is why people travel to watch them live, subscribe to pay TV as well as watch using their mobile phones.

So how can I watch Champions League games on my mobile phone?

#1 Mobile Applications

With the assortment of many mobile apps, one can never lack anything that will help them achieve anything on their mobile phones.

Sky sports is a British Broadcasting company that broadcasts numerous sports events including the Champions League. They have numerous apps that allow users to watch the champions league on their mobile phones. One of the apps is ‘Sky Sports mobile TV‘ which is available on the iPhone and select android devices. This application is available on the app market. Once you have installed the app, you will be required to create an account and sign up for a paid subscription service in order to access sports games such as the Champions League.

Sky Go‘ is another Sky Sports application that allows you to watch games on your phone by linking your Sky sports home tv account with your mobile device in order to watch games. You will need to download the app which is available on the app market of android and iPhone and then log in to your account and get instant access to your favorite champions league games and highlights.

Supersport is a South African based satellite broadcasting station. It is well spread in Africa showcasing live African football games to games of leagues in other continents such as the English Premier League and the Bundesliga as well as the Champions league. Supersport mobile app is available for both the iOS and Android platform that is free to download on the app store. Once downloaded, you will be required to create an account and pay for a subscription service that will allow you to watch live games live the champions league.

#2 Online streaming

The rise of the internet is definitely a plus to champions league fanatics. The champions league can be watched live and free on various sites on the internet.

Ronaldo 7 is one of the popular sites that provides links for free live champions league games. Although there is a lot of mention of Christiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid player, it is not affiliated to him in any way. The site is simple to navigate and once you are on the site’s home page, on the right hand side is a menu listed downwards. Click on the link labelled ‘Live’ and this will direct you to the available club games ready for streaming or on the count down list. The disadvantage of this site site is that it has numerous adverts that can be annoying and also it will only stream in phones that support Adobe Flash.

There are other sites which as good alternatives to Ronaldo 7 such as CoolSport tv and Time4tv that also require mobile devices that support Adobe Flash.