Can I Watch College Basketball On An iPad?

Can I watch college basketball on an iPad? This is a question often asked, not only about basketball, but other sports and even movies too. The easy answer is yes, the next question is how. Due to the iPad’s strict control via iTunes, many things that are taken for granted on other mobile devices are sometimes trickier to do on the iPad. However, despite this, it is very possible to watch college basketball on the iPad, and this article will explain the steps on how to do this.

One of the most common ways of watching such streams on computers and laptops is by using Adobe’s Flash, and viewing the stream in a browser. However, Apple devices do not support Flash, as they believe it would make the device more insecure. But there is a workaround this, using an alternative browser to Apple’s inbuilt Safari. There’s a couple of popular browsers that can handle Flash, Puffin is one, Photon is another.

So, the first step would be to download either browser, and install. These browsers aren’t perfect, but they will allow you to watch as close to live coverage of college basketball.

Essentially, how it works is when you begin streaming, the Flash is encoded on the browser’s website, which decodes the Flash, and then delivers it to your iPad. This means there will be a slight delay between the actual live action, and you receiving the stream. It may be as much as a couple of minutes out, but hey, it’s free and it works.

Next, you need to find a streaming website; is a good one, as is (which also has an app you can download). Use either of these web sites, or find another similar one, and navigate to the basketball section on the site. Once you’ve found and selected it, you can search for the game you want to watch. Once selected, the game should begin to buffer, and once decoded by the Puffin or Photon site, will then begin to stream on your iPad.

Although this first way is free, it can be unreliable, and if you are certain you want to watch as much college basketball as you want, try looking into setting up a subscription with the NBA League Pass. This pass is subscription based, and will give you access to basketball games on your iPad. The quality is superb, and you will be pretty much guaranteed to be able to see your game.

Finally, if you already have a subscription to any of the major cable companies, there are Apple apps you can download to watch these games too. Check with your cable provider to see how to stream these games live through your iPad. Each one has a different method of obtaining the app and login details.

Can I watch college basketball on an iPad? The answer is yes. The methods described above are the most common ways of accessing live streams for college basketball. The free way is a good option, but the quality of service you will get will be largely dependent on the importance of the game and the streams available. The paid methods will provide you with the best quality and guarantee you a better experience. As always, you get what you pay for.