How Can I Watch Premier League Games On My Mobile Phone

Being the most watched football League in the world one can understand why people would look for alternatives to watch the games depending on where they are. Most of the people watch it Live on TV, live in stadiums as well as on mobile phones.

So how can I watch Premier League games on my mobile phone?

#1 Online Streaming

There are numerous sites that offer live streaming of Premier League games both on mobile phone and computers. One popular site is Ronaldo 7 site. This site is renowned for delivering an array of football matches from the Champions league to the Premier League. This site is simple to access requiring a mobile phone that supports Adobe Flash. Simply visit the site and on the right side, there is a menu that flows down. Click on the link named ‘Live’ and from then you will be directed to a page containing all the major clubs in Europe and from there you can select the club from which several live stream links will be availed to you.

This option is quite good in that you will watch the matches free of charge and being an advert supported site, you will have to be content with numerous ads before you view your content.

#2 Mobile App

Several apps exist that allow for streaming of premier league matches on mobile phones courtesy of the various Broadcasting stations such as Sky sports that have exclusive rights to air the premier league. The popular apps include ‘Sky Sports mobile TV‘ app, Supersport mobile app, Now TV app and Sky Go app. The latter app (Sky Go app) allows you to connect to your home Sky sports account allowing you to view live games on your mobile phone. This app is available on the Android and iOS app stores free of charge and once downloaded, you then sign in to your account to access the channels. This option is quite good if you are an existing Sky sports subscriber as you will not have to worry about having to pay double.

‘Sky Sports mobile TV’ app on the other hand is an app that streams Sky sports channels on select Android mobile phones and iPhones by subscribing to a pay service. It is freely available on Android and iOSapp market place. Once you have downloaded the app, create an account, pay for for the bundle that suits you and you will then be able to view Premier League games live on your mobile phone.

Another app installment by Sky sports is the Now TV app that target people who prefer to watch specific matches such as the big matches. This app is quite convenient for people who are budget tight or always busy and only have limited free days. With this app, one can subscribe for a full day sports pass that will allow you to watch the Premier League games for a small fee. Just like the other sky sports apps, this app is available on select Androiddevices as well as on the iOS. Its interface is quite user friendly. Just click on the sports icon and you will then have access to your live Premier League game provided you have paid for the day sports pass.

Supersport is another satellite broadcasting station based in South Africa that also broadcast live Premier League games across Africa. They have a mobile app which allows users to watch Premier League games known as Supersport app available on the Android and iOS app market place. This app similar to Now TV in that it allows for subscription of full day sports view for a small fee.