Can I Watch Sky Sports On My Mobile Phone For Free?

Sky sports prides itself in delivering an array of mouthwatering and to die for sports matches right from soccer, cricket, rugby, boxing and many more. Its success is mainly drawn from delivering the highly rated English Premier League which is the most watched soccer league in the world.

Although it delivers all round sports events, its main drawback are that it you require a paid subscription to watch any of the sports events or sports news. On top of it is that since it is broadcast through satellite, you will require purchasing a decoder and a satellite dish to view any of the content or purchase a digital TV that automatically decodes the satellite signals. Another alternative is streaming it live from the internet to your PC or mobile phone. So can I watch sky sports on my mobile phone for free? The answer is a resounding yes!

#1 Mobile app

Sky sports mobile app is available on the iPhone and select android devices free of charge. Although it is not essentially free, having an already paid subscription for your TV will allow you to watch it free on your mobile phone. However, if you are not already subscribed, you will have to pay a season fee or a fee per game.

To download the mobile app, go to your phone’s app market store i.e. Google play store for Android and search for ‘Sky Go‘, download it and install it. Once installed and opened, log in to your account and you will be able to access up to 38 live TV channels including all the sky sports channels depending on your subscription.

#2 Free online TV Streams

Modern technology allows for TV shows to be streamed live to your mobile device. This is through third party websites but as the saying goes nothing comes for so you will have to be content with the numerous adverts before you have the opportunity to view your favorite sports programs. Another setback is that you will be required to have a mobile phone that supports Adobe Flash.

One of the best sites to watch sky sports for free is Time4tv. It is a one stop spot for all your favorite sky sports channels, news stations as well as renowned UK and USA channels. To access any of the sky sports channels, visit the Time4tv website and on the navigation tab, hover over the sports channel tab and a list of all sky sports channels will be presented to you. Select one and enjoy all you favorite sports shows or live events. If the site fails to load, ensure that you phone supports Adobe Flash.

Another alternative site to watch Sky sports is Cool Sport TV. This site is quite user friendly and definitely recommend it for those looking for quick access to sky sports TV stations. Just visit the Cool sport TV website and you will be greeted will vast sky sports TV stations as well as other stations such as Chelsea TV. Once you are on the site, click on any of the sky sports channels and you are good to go. Although the number of adverts can be devastating, it’s worth every penny that you will save and just like Time4tv, your phone should have support for Adobe Flash.