How To Watch Live Football On Mobile?

Sometimes you can’t be at home watching the live game. For various reasons, you need to go out which can be very frustrating for the avid fan. However, the past few years have seen major advances to the web which has enabled millions across the globe to be able to watch their favorite team wherever they are in the world. Up until recently, this has only been possible on a computer, but the past few years has seen this content slowly move onto mobile devices such as your phone or tablet. This means you can be out shopping with your wife, and watching the big game live on your phone at the same time.

So how to watch live football on mobile devices?

There’s a couple of ways of doing this. The first thing you can do is if you have a subscription to satellite or a cable provider, you can download their streaming app and be able to watch the game live this way. This is probably the best way of doing it, and the quality of the stream is great. It is free to do with any subscriber.

However, if you are out of your country, or do not subscribe to such a service, then there is another way to go about watching football live on your mobile.

The first thing you need to do is to find a streaming site that provides links to the game you want. There’s hundreds out there, wiziwig,tv is my personal favorite as it has so much on it, not to mention help, technical advice and forums. So, use your device browser to get onto the site. What you’ll do now is to just test to see if your device can display streams properly or not. So locate football, then select the game on the top of the list as this will be currently playing. Once opened, select any of the streams that have the word flash next to them. Click the link. If the video starts playing, then you are already set up and should be able to watch the games of your choice.

If not, then you’ll need to download some extra software. If you have an Apple device, download Puffin. If you’re on an Android, download Skyfire.

What these apps will do is to enable your devices to display flash content on them. This is vital to have to watch flash streams on your device. Simply use these apps as your browser for this type of thing, and navigate to or whatever your favourite stream site is. Click the top game to test, and you should then see the game being played live on your device. It’s that simple.

So as you can see, how to watch live football on mobile is very easy to do. If you have a cable subscription, then use your provider’s app to watch streamed content. If not, then a site such as will be able to provide you with many streams for the game. At worst case, you may have to download an extra app to get around flash issues on your device.

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