How To Watch BT Sports On Mobile?

As the internet has become more and more flexible, it has also become more and more mobile. In fact, mobile devices are close to outnumbering traditional means of accessing the internet, so the whole dynamic of internet use is changing. An important aspect of this is using mobile devices to watch sports while out and about. After all, how annoying is it that the other half wants you to take her shopping, right at the same time as the big match is kicking off. Fortunately, there is a way around this thanks to BT Sport. This article details how to watch BT Sports on mobile so that you never need miss a game.

The best way is for you to have a BT broadband subscription. The BT broadband plans are pretty cheap, starting at around 10 pounds per month for the basic package, up to 26 pounds. Most of the plans offer unlimited downloads which is the best way to go if you are going to do a lot of streaming. The most basic package has a download limit of around 10gb which would be ok if you are only going to watch a few games and lightly use the net. It’s better to go up to the next price point and get unlimited downloads though.

So once you have signed up via the BT website, you can now go ahead and log in. Once logged in, you may download the BT Sport app and video player. This is the key to watching the games on your mobile device.

The BT Sports app is available on both the main mobile devices, Android and iPhone, and thus available to download direct from either the app store or Google Play. This app allows you to watch BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN, live and on the go. The app not only allows you to watch sport via its video player, but also lets you interact via social networks, gives you up to date news, scores and information, and text commentary with stats. This provides a great experience for the user.

But you don’t have to sign up directly with BT broadband to access BT Sport coverage. If you already have BT TV or BT Infinity, the access is automatically granted free of charge. Similarly, if you have a Sky Box and any BT subscription, again you are covered. And finally, if you have the Virgin Media XL TV package, it again is covered.
There are other ways of getting BT Sports on your mobile if you are not a UK resident, or located overseas, but these methods are hit and miss. Using a streaming site such as which offers links to streams can sometimes offer BT Sports which can be accessible on a mobile device.

How to watch BT Sports on mobile is really as simple as signing up for a broadband package with BT, and downloading their dedicated app to watch on your device. This is really the best way and offers the best coverage enabling you to watch your favorite sports whenever you want.