How Do I Watch College Football Games On Android?

One of the great things about Android phones is their strong versatility in many operations. Watching sports, movies and tv is just one of the things you can easily do. In fact, because the Android operating system is open source, there are many different apps and players that can enable you to do this. If you are an avid sports watcher, this is great news, as you will be able to watch sports on the fly. This includes things like the NBA, golf, and even college football. So this begs the question, how do I watch College Football games on my android cell phone?

Firstly, you will most likely need to download an app from the Google Play store. There are many to choose from, and your best bet would be to match up to the website you are going to be getting your live stream from. In most cases, the site you stream from will tell you what you need to download. In any case, here’s a few of the most popular ones. If your phone has plenty of space on it, download them all, so you’ll be ready to go when you find a stream.

Sport Live Stream

This is a great app that automatically updates the latest and most popular sports across the globe. You’ll have no problems streaming college football to your Android with this. Download it, open it and select the sport you want to watch. Once done, it will direct you to the Sport Live Stream site where you can choose the game you want to watch and away you go.

Watch Sport Channel

This app displays literally hundreds of different channels. You’ll need to scroll to find what you are looking for, but once you find it, all you need to do is to select the channel you want, and it will automatically open your video player and immediately stream your game.


On the regular streaming sites, Sopcast is arguably one of the best. On the mobile device, it’s equally as good. Download it from and then add SopcastX which is a decent manager for your streams. Once you have it set up, you can add favorite channels to it for instant access. So you’d need to use a site like to find out which games are on and when, but you can add a lot of channels. Once you have one, simply click on it to play the stream. The two apps used in conjunction provides you with a formidable arsenal of sports streaming channels.

How do I watch College Football games on my Android? As stated, there are many apps available for you to download to search for and play your favorite sports, including college football. But before playing, do ensure that you have a decent connection speed, and be aware of the amount you download on the stream. If you have unlimited data, then you’ll be fine, but those accounts that have set giga byte plans will be eaten up quickly by the stream. Use wi fi if you can to prevent your data being used up on 3G or 4G networks.