How Do You Watch Live Games On NFL Mobile?

With the NFL season approaching its final stages, and the Superbowl just a couple of months away, you may be wondering how to catch up with the latest games while out and about. Perhaps your other half is making you go shopping with her, or you have to be away from your house when the game’s on. Whatever the reason, you may wonder how do you watch live games on NFL mobile? The answer is simple, and this information is pertinent now, as it will be for any other time of the year, or for any other sport. What you need to do is download one of many apps to your mobile and search for your game. This article details several apps that you can use to watch live stream NFL games on the go.

Using Your Cable Provider

If you have cable, then you may be able to watch live games using their mobile apps. NBC, for example, allows you to watch NFL on mobile. All you need to do is download the NBC Live Sports app, sign in to your cable provider, and then choose the game and watch on your device.


Sopcast has long been one of the top streaming players for many years. It’s not wonder that their mobile app is also one of the best ways to go. Download it from their official website and install onto your device. It will ask you to turn off security features on your device, but let it do this.

Now, use a site such as to locate the game you want to watch. It’s easy to navigate through this site, choose sport, type of sport and then look for your game. Once found, open the link and then search for Sopcast links and then click on it. It will then automatically open up the game in Sopcast allowing you to watch on your device.

Watching Without Downloading an App

If you don’t want to download an app, you can still watch streams on your mobile using sites such as On the site, click the forum link and then scroll down to NFL + CFL + AFL. Once here, click on “Sticky: [Streaming] 2011 NFL WEEK (?)”. The ? Refers to the week of the season. The top one will be the latest. Then you should see the list of games to be played for that week. An hour or so before the game you want to watch starts, stream links will start to appear. Use any of the web based streams as opposed to the p2p ones. These links are old technology links and so will play nicely on the mobile device.

How do you watch live games on NFL mobile? Via several means. Using a paid subscription app if you already have cable tv, using special apps such as Sopcast, or going direct to a streaming site and selecting web based streams. Whichever way you choose, you can be sure to be able to see whichever game you want subject to you having fast enough access.