How To Watch NBA Games On Cell Phone?

There are heaps of basketball games being played each week, many of them shown live on tv. If your favorite team isn’t being shown, or if you’re out and will have to miss the game, then fear not because you can watch the game live on your cell phone or mobile device. What’s more, it’s simple to do, and all you need is a decent speed connection. Before going any further, check your data plan if you have limited download data because if you don’t, you could get through it all in one game. So as much as you can, use wifi to keep your data usage down. So, this article will show how to watch NBA games on your cell phone.

1. Via Cable Provider

Using the watchNBA app from ESPN, you can watch games live if you have a relevant cable subscription which includes ESPN as part of the package. This app is available for Android, Apple, Xbox 360 and even the Kindle. Simply sign in with your provider login details, and then away you go.

2. Using a Streaming Website

There’s a ton of websites that advertise free streams. These are great, and some even have their own apps. But it’s still better to go direct to the site and selecting the sport, then finding your game. If your cell phone can run Flash, then you’re fine, otherwise, you may need to download a separate browser to use when streaming games which will convert the Flash video to something which your phone can understand. For iphone users, download the Puffin browser, for Android users download Skyfire.

3. NBA League Pass

This is an excellent option if you really love your NBA. Subscribe to NBA League Pass and be able to stream games you want, except those within a 50 mile radius of you, as these games are blacked out (so attendances aren’t affected at games). It’s a good option if you don’t live near your team. There are different packages available, from streaming to cell phones, through to computers and all devices in your home.

4. Using Free Apps

There’s plenty of apps available both on Google Play and Apple’s App Store that will allow you to access free games. Search for sport streaming apps in these stores will provide you with many options. The Live Sport App is a good one. Although it doesn’t stream directly to your device, it allows you to easily find games which provide you with the location of the game you want to see. It’s very convenient and quick. Sport TV is another app which gives you a list of many sport tv channels. If you know the channel your game is on, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find it on there.

So, whichever way you decide to watch NBA games, be sure to double check your data plan for your mobile phone. A simple game could cause you to download well over a giga byte in data in no time, and ultimately could cause you to receive a big bill from your provider. But how to watch NBA games on your cell phone is quite simple and there are many ways of being able to watch on your cell phone as shown above.