How To Watch NFL Games Live On Sprint Phone?

The Sprint network offers a variety of different phones, the iPhone, a huge variety of Android phones, Windows phones and others. With the way technology has been progressing, and with the increase in internet speeds, these smaller devices are being used for more than merely talking and texting. They are in fact mini computers in their own right, and are being used for very similar things as their desktop counterparts are. This includes streaming and watching live sports online, including the NFL. Yes, you can watch any NFL game live on your mobile device anywhere you have a 3G, 4G or wifi connection. So the question is how to watch NFL games live on Sprint phone.

The easiest solution is to use your cable network provider, and download their app. Direct TV, Comcast, FiOS are just a few of the popular names out there which you can sign into your account and use their dedicated video player to stream games live. If you already have cable, then this option doesn’t cost you anymore. You may also login via ESPN, or whatever channel is providing the game via their website. Note, this option is for people living in the US.

Another US based option is to go to and see the various options on offer there. This site is regularly updated with different packages depending on the time of the season. For example, you can get a pre-season package to watch all the warm up games before the action gets underway in earnest. The various options have different levels of prices depending on exactly what you want. Once you’ve decided, simply download their app, login with your account details, and you’ll have access to the games.

Sprint used to have exclusive access to which allowed its customers with data packages to be able to stream games at no extra charge, it was part of the deal, but at present, that offer is not in existence. However, it may return in some form in the future.

For people living away from the United States, then the tried and tested free streaming sites such as or may be the best option. If your Sprint phone doesn’t allow Flash based content to work on them, then you’ll need to download Puffin for the Apple users, or Skyfire for Android users, and use these for streaming purposes only. Then, go to these sites close to when your game is due to start and navigate to the relevant sport, and scroll for your game. Any games listed with Flash next to them will now operate on your phone (basically, the server converts the Flash video and renders the output to your phone, so you may be a couple of minutes behind the action). You may also download streaming apps found in the Play Store or App Store.

How to watch NFL games live on Sprint phone is quite easy to do, especially if you are based in the States. If you don’t wish to pay for the content, then your best bet is via the free streaming sites as described above.